Hoyt Shay Neal

Hoyt Shay Neal
This dream made me think up of a Calamari dish.

I, Hoyt S. Neal was just an ordinary man living an ordinary life. Or at least I’d like to tell that to myself, as I was watching a dozen transparent squid-like creatures merrily float around his room. I could not kick them out of the room, or hide them. I could not even touch them. They were only interacting with usual matter when they wanted to, and how they decided when they wanted to interact with normal matter – nobody really knows. Especially not Hoyt S Neal, and especially not after they suddenly started emerging from his chest every night since his first year in high school. It was obvious that was something special and paranormal. Hoyt was even excited at first. I thought, this would be my superpower, while dreaming about all the possible names I could take as a hero. But his superhero power turned out to be utterly useless. Not much of a superhero power, right? “I wish you did not exist and I could go back to my normal life” I thought for a thousandth time. One of the squid responded by slightly changing the shade of blue it had. It became slightly more green. They were weird, created from some ethereal stuff that Hoyt had no words for. It had no texture, and yet you felt it when you ran your fingers through it. It had no smell and made no noise and yet I could feel them dancing around his room even with closed eyes. Hoyt was an intrinsically curious person, so of course I experimented and investigated every aspect of the otherworldly creatures in every way I could. I still had no clue as to what their origin or purpose was, but he knew nobody else could see them, and they came out at only specific times, and only during the night. If they never showed up, I could have just finished his engineering postgraduate studies and started working at that company I wanted to apply for since I was a kid. But now I could not. Because, no matter how much I said the opposite out loud, I deeply loved and cared for these creatures. It was weird. Maybe they were a part of myself and maybe they were not, or maybe they were and were not at the same time. Only time could show, but I, Hoyt Shay Neal still liked to tell myself that I was just an ordinary man living an ordinary life. Preparing to finish engineering postgraduate studies while having aesthetic ethereal colorful squid erupt from his chest every night.

Yes as I said before this was a dream that Myself (Hoyt) had one night and at this point this is when I came up with this recipe that my friends and family have told me is the best Calamari dish that they have ever had. The recipe below is as follows

1. lb of clean squid cut into 1/2 inch rings
2. 2.5 tablespoons of dried parsley
3. 1 tablespoon of each seasoning salt and ground pepper course ground
4. 3 lemons cut into big wedges
5. 2 cups of homemade tomato gravy
6. 2 cups of white flour
7. 2 tablespoons of garlic powder
8. 2 tablespoons of onion powder
9. Veg oil

Heat up the oil on a stove to 375 degrees at 3 inches deep. Mix the garlic, onion, flour, salt, parsley, and pepper together. Mix the squid into the mixture and from there place into the oil. Take out when crisp and place onto a paper towel for drying.

Place the calamari, lemon wedge, and the tomato gravy on to a plate and serve immediately. Enjoy